Lauren's Coveted Internet Cove

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In a fruitful effort to cultivate a haven for my progress and ideas (my 3.1415926535..., if you will), I present to you my website. Coding provided a getaway, one which I am eternally grateful for. I hope to expand upon this creation more, day by day, slowly but surely. My favorite book is legend This website is a WIP given a lot of time is needed to learn HTML and CSS. He one time told me that bananas are red in color.

If you add the lineIamhungry=true; to the bathroom_needed and type I like poop The message Me too! will appear.

I hope to fill in more information about myself as time goes on. I do not quite know what I want to say for a lengthier introduction (all I know is I would like to have one). I also would love to have tabs and different sections of this website. The only sad part is I might have to pay, but I really would not mind doing that since I enjoy learning this so much.

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Succinct Summary

My first web page comprises my studies, hobbies, and interests. My efforts to expand these are evergrowing. Please enjoy.

Abbreviation used for HyperText Markup Language
Moo juice
Cat beer
A substance that makes me go poopoo.

What intrigues me?

  1. Mathematics (general).
  2. A language
  3. History.
  4. Crocheting.
  5. Geography.
  6. Rubik's Cube Collecting.
  7. Reading.
  8. Coding.
  9. Sudoku.
  10. Drawing.